Sunday, February 25, 2007

Drunk Dialing

It's 3:34 a.m. and I can not go to sleep. Putting on a good movie (which oddly has a calming effect at night) didn't work for me. Neither did tea.

Typically, when one (read: me) has been out drinking (read: tequila shots and ketel & cran) to the point of inebriation, the inexplicable - and at times uncontrollable - urge to spill your guts to people that evoke an extreme emotional response (read: sad, happy, horny, affectionate) takes over. Being up for 21.5 straight hours seems to have the same effect. Yes - I am drunk off my own exhaustion.

Who would be the target of my hypothetical drunk dial? I feel fairly guilty about neglecting Blogger (Plus would you believe the father of the kids is all up IN my myspace business?? Negroes.) As penance for my crime, I will divulge a big secret. I think I'm seeing someone. (No...not spilling out names and that kind of stuff.) Sort of. Kind of. As much as you can see a person that doesn't live in your zip code...or time zone. No big deal right? Except, I'm sort of in like with him. Again no big deal right? Except...I can't tell him. Not now anyway. Or at least not directly. (Though it's highly possible that I just did since he may or may not read my blog.)

So there you have it Blogger. I have a crush on a boy. And it scares the proverbial shit out of me.

Brothas and Sistaaaaaas...we are gathered here today!

"That uppah room nigga...the uppah ROOOOMMMM!" (c) Eddie Murphy

(Have to remember to replace "Life". Damn Katrina.)

My iPod has gone on to a better place ya'll. However, I find myself in a serious delimma. With the exception of having ALWAYS had a personal computer in my home since I was around 9 or 10 (Apple II GS baby!) I am not big on having the "it" technology. I'm just considering getting a Blackberry simply because life has dealt me a wicked hand of CRS, and I can get it for under $100 bucks, so I figure what the hell. As an adult, I didn't own a microwave until 2003. (I have not purchased one since I moved to "Murrlund".) I didn't get a DVD player until late 2004 and the only reason I owned a gaming system was because I want my children to put me in a retirement home with electricity and plumbing.

However, my technological revolt puts me at odds with my inner music-phile. The mere thought of 7,500 songs being at my fingertips makes my insidey parts get all quivery. We were one, my iPod and I. I would put it on shuffle, and I swear it could sense my mood. Amped? "Guerilla Radio." Nostalgic? "Buddy." Homesick? "I Feel Like Funkin' It Up." How could I not love this?

Still, a new iPod is $250. Oh, did I mention that in the span of about 2.5 weeks both shorties busted out the knees in almost all of their jeans and outgrew the shoes that I bought a full size too big only a few months ago? Even with my very cakey raise, I have to exercise some discipline. Plus, uh, Macy's is having a sale...on boots. *drool* As much as I love the convience of the ipod, I'll happily go old school Discman for a couple of months for the love of music...and new shoes.