Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Casual Considerations

Who set earth's thermostat to "slavery" today? What's disturbing to me is that not as hot in the N.O. I'm trying really hard not to take these weather issues personally, but I dunno yall. Isn't this heat just a little too oppressive to not somehow be racist?

So now that the kids are home, I'm back up on all the cartoons. Yo, Shaolin Showdown is my JOINT! This weekend they were watching Toon Disney and I certainly pulled rank so I could watch SS on the big television.

Coming soon to the LOGO Network: the First Annual Gay-Off. The participants: P. Diddy and Kanye West. By show of hands, who else believes that these two negroes are trying to out-gay one another? In the "Number One" video, Kanye's shirt and jacket are so tight, I saw his last heartbreak. (I could also say that Pharrell's pants are so tight, I saw his firstborn child, but I digress.) Diddy often comes off (to me of course) as the flaming queen who is trying to keep this young fish from usurping the throne. The hosts will be Omarosa and Carson from "Queer Eye." (Please keep in mind, I have no firsthand knowledge, nor do I care, about what these men do with their anuses. I'm just furnishing my opinion. I don't want Auntie Combs or Second Cousin West or the bathroom attendant that they were REALLY nice to at some random social event to act a fool because of some chatter.)

And while we're talking about Beyonce. . .what the HELL was she doing at, what my homeboy refered to as, "the circle jerk known as an awards show"? (The fact that I agree with his assessment notwithstanding, the opportunity to use the term "circle jerk" doesn't arise often for me, so I pretty much just seized the opportunity.) Who hit that brawd with a can of
Black Flag? Quiet as it's kept, I generally like her, but I was not feeling the wanna-be-Tina-catching-the-holy-ghost thing she had going on. And did she actually let Jay-Z touch her booty? GUH-ROSS!!

Okay, I'm by no means a Bush supporter, but why is it in the news that he cussed? Because he was on the job? I said "shit" three times yesterday evening when I couldn't print out a document. Where's MY story? I'm sure there are other things to care about people. He's a freakin Texan for crying out loud. I'm willing to wager that he says, "Dude, I f****n' swear," three times a week.

On a more serious note, another tsunami struck Indonesia. According to the last report I read, 368 people are dead and over 200 missing. They received a warning, but did not pass it on because they had no way of notifying everyone. No siren, no radio announcement, no Harpo Marx look-alike with a bicycle horn. Nothing. I'm kind of speechless on this.

It's fairly well known that I'm not an Oprah fan, so I'm not always in tune with what goes on in her world. However, when did people start caring whether or not she is straight or gay? She and Gayle Whats-Her-Face have promised that they would tell us if they were lovers. I'll be waiting with baited breath. *steps out of the path of the lightening*

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Amadeo said...

I bet Bush scratches his nuts and crushes beer cans on his head...in the Oval Office.