Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hoes, Housewives and Everything in Between

So with spring in the air, lots of people have love, relationships and the like on their minds. But what is consistent, are the complaints. Some are valid, some are subjective, some make me wonder, "and you are allowed to navigate traffic alone?" So I am going to exercise my right, nay I say, execute my DUTY, to give my thoughts on a couple of topics that have caught my eye.

"You know that light skinned ho was a ho, right?" (c) Riley Freeman

Brothers, I know dating is hard for you. I know that between the thug, the baller and the pretty boy, it can be hard for you to get a break. BUT, sometimes *stomps feet* I say SOME-TIMES, ya do it to yasselves. I don't think they heard me congregation. I said sometimes, ya do it to yasselves. When your mama, or your daddy, or your auntie or your big brother told you that you can't turn no ho into no housewife, did you think you were the exception. Now, don't get me wrong. A lot of us *cough most of us* have pasts. So just because your girl got videotaped sucking a dick at a party in 93 does not mean that is an automatic disqualifier. Honestly, that's subjective. But if you met her 20 minutes after she finished her dick sucking gang bang video, if you're looking for wifey material, she's probably not for you. Therefore, the "women ain't shit" rhetoric that you're going to spout when you find out that she sucked off your crew - we really aren't interesting. You knew she was an Olympic dick sucker when you met her. Simmer down with the bitterness. You chose wrong. Learn from it and move on.

"Everything He Misses At Home"

So, the Soothsayer posted this blog referencing an Essence article, about why "good Black men" cheat. I saw it and couldn't resist. Besides the whole, good men do NOT cheat thing, I have to give this article a rousing "what the fuck," because it's hard to believe that women are this dumb. Imma break it down for you: If a dude is asking you to do something that he's afraid to ask his wife to do, please be aware that you should not feel complimented. If he's asking you to pick up an 8-ball bottle with your pussy, it's not because he's afraid to ask his wife: It's because he needs his healthy babies to come out of her coochie, so he's going with the next viable option, which is your dumb ass.

"Nothing Wrong With A Little Bump And Grind"

But damn, are we doing anything besides fucking in 2007? If I were to judge by people's conversations, not just on the net, but on television, in the line to get lunch, on the train, 2007 is one big orgy and EVERYONE'S INVITED. And honestly, if that's what you're about, I am really not judging. But don't lament about there being no viable relationship options. If you're sleeping with every "nice" person you meet after 3 half decent conversations, then don't be surprised when, down the line, this person is not up to par with what you would consider a compatible individual. Books, plays, politics, global warming, reparations - these are all viable discussion topics people. I believe I've quoted my homeboy before who said, "Yeah, anybody can suck a dick, but can you make gravy from scratch and discuss world events?" If you want more, offer and REQUEST more.

Sometimes love just ain't enough

Relationships don't work out sometimes. Even the coolest of folks aren't necessarily compatible on a romantic level. Therefore, this "Imma set you on fire because we're not getting along" shit has really got to stop. Women: If you constantly find yourself in a jam because you're destroying his property, fighting his other womEn (not singular), calling him thirty times a day because he's not returning your call, or driving by his place because you don't believe he is where he says he is, you need to let that go. Maybe the issue is with him; maybe it's with you. However, there is no disputing that there is an issue there. Men: If you constantly find yourself in a jam, because you can't seem to stop batting your woman in the mouth, following her around, have the irresistable urge to douse her with an accelerant and strike a match, caller her thirty times a day because she's not returning your call, or driving by her places because you don't believe that she is where she says she is, you TOO, need to let that go.

Now, I'm not saying this to hurt anybody's feelings. I'm not saying this because I know all the answers. But I am saying that we need to get over ourselves and make some improvements.

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