Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Verbal Vomit

I promise, I'm working on a cohesive post, but it's taking longer than I anticipated. Hopefully, it will not disappoint. But it has been long since I've thrown words up here, so I'm going to give you some thoughts of mine to discuss amongst yourselves - or in the comments section - whichever.

I have janky cable, and as such, no cable guide. So I have to flip through the channels to see what's going on. I passed some channel or another and saw Ann Coulter talking to somebody about something [because I just don't really listen to her], but I saw her throat. This bitch has a BODACIOUS Adam's apple. Can someone consult the rule book on this? I mean, she doesn't look like she used to be a man, but there's something has gone horribly awry. I think I looked at the show for five minutes, mesmerized by the Adam's apple bobbing up and down. It give's me the willies.

I need help in understanding why Harvey Keitel introduced Snoop Dogg at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors.

Yesterday my bus driver almost hit two pedestrians, a car stopped at a red light and a parked car. I see why they want to raise fares.

Show of hands: Do we care that within life is forming within the diseased husk also referred to as Jennifer Lopez's womb? Why do people care about this shit? I mean, a baby is a joyous occasion, but are we really celebrating children being born to crazy ass women who change relationships like they change shoes? Give it a rest.

The Boondocks premier was HILARIOUS! Who knew Ruckus was ill with the nunchucks? It won't necessarily go down in the books as my all time favorite episode, but the, "...or die tryin'" hook was nothing short of genius. (For all Adult Swim/Family Guy fans, do yourself a favor and tune in this Sunday, October 14, for the Family Guy & Robot Chicken Star Wars episodes. You WILL thank me.)

So last night, while dialoguing with my Harlem Ambassador (who is truly slackin' on his blog mackin') we discussed the conundrum of having too many good shows to watch this season. I am truly impressed. I've become so accustomed to the influx of sub par reality TV shows, I find myself speechless in light of my delimma. It seems I will have to get my DVR game on and popping once more, as Wednesday nights are hellacious. Though I don't think K-ville is the best the season has to offer, and it may well be one of the first cancellations of the season, I will represent and watch it. (No, I don't have a Neilson box, but I've still got that old team spirit.)

I think everyone should incorporate a little Ghostface in their life at least once a week. No, I'm not exactly sure that he's always speaking English, but still. . .

My morning commute is interesting. A couple of weeks ago, I decided that to pass the time, by giving the regulars names from Martin characters. So far, I've discovered Jerome, Roscoe, Mama Payne, Rickey Fontaine, Shenehneh and KeyLoLo, and would you believe KING BEEF. Monday and Tuesday, I created storylines for them. DANCE PUPPETS!

I'm not sure if you are familiar with Tim Gunn (who leaves no stone untunred in the fashion world, considering he unearthed Veronica Webb), but he makes my list of one of my favorite celebs. Here is a designer on "Project Runway" doing a spot-on imitation of him:

What makes this even better, is that when he discovered Santino's homage, this was his reaction (forgive the quality):

I love people who don't take themselves too seriously.

I am seriously slacking on my gym game.

The current state of my job has me humming the tune "9 to 5" just a bit too much. My end of the year gift and raise will be critically scrutinzed this year.

Yesterday, I did a free write that yielding some VERY promising fruit. Stay tuned.


Another Conflict Theorist said...


Damn...all it takes is a week off for a sister to reinvent herself, huh? I like the new digs.

I wrote a post about Ann Coulter - World's UGLIEST Sex Symbol (yes, believe it or not, some of these white people find her attractive). Of course, they also found Princess Diana attractive so go figure. Incidentally, I don't see how you could even find her adam's apple since it's located somewhere within all that neck..

'Cause Harvey Keitel is an OG, that's why..

Apart from Selena, I don't recall Jennifer Lopez doing anything that I've liked or cared about. As far as I'm concerned, her ass is overrated too..

My two All-Time Favorite Boondocks episodes: "The Story of Ganstalicious" and "Wingmen."

Right now, I'm regularly watching (in no particular order
Dexter (do yourself a favor and rent the first season), Pardon the Interruption, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office and Avatar: The Last Airbender (Don't Sleep. This is one of the finest dramas on TV). Whenever they come back on I'll be watching Extras, The Wire, Project Runway and Big Love. I was trying to get into Heroes but when I heard that they were trying to save the cheerleader I bagged it..

Classic excerpt from a Ghostface interview:
Interviewer: What was your life like before Wu-Tang Clan?
GK: I don't know. I was just like any other street nigga. I was robbing niggas, knocking niggas out, shooting niggas. That's how it was before Wu-Tang Clan. I'll do it again if I got to...

One of my five year goals is to develop my vocabulary so that I can one day have a decent conversation with Tim Gunn...

Another Conflict Theorist said...

This ain't vomit, btw. This is the debris from an exquisite mind..

Breez said...

Dude, I have an 8 year old son. You think I DON'T know about Avatar? I would also recommend checking out Ben 10, The Batman and Legion of Superheroes.

I didn't get into Heroes because it interfered with my Jack Bauer time, and I parts with Jack for NO ONE.

bint alshamsa said...

Am I the only one who thinks that Tim Gunn is one sexy biatch?

Breez said...

I LOVE Tim Gunn. I have a very twisted crush on him.

Breez said...

Thanks SO much for the compliment ACT!

Clifton said...

Somebody really likes me in TV land. They put the Snoop Dogg portion of the Hip Hop Honors on right when the Boondocks started so I didn't have any guilt turning it off. Then it went off right in time for me to watch the Tribe Called Quest do Check the Rhyme.

The Dream episode of Boondocks is the best episode ever and may never be topped.

You won't lose any loyalty points for not watching K-Ville. There is a new show called Last One Standing on Discovery. I think you should check that out.

jali said...

Who's the most annoying?
Anne Coulter or Nancy Grace?

I'm another Tim Gunn fan. I tell myself to "make it work" on the regular.

My PC at work wouldn't load your page for some reason. I finally have the 'net at home and I'm glad to be able to visit you.

My "must see" show is "Beauty and the Geek". I caught "Kid Nation" on On Demand - all 4 episodes - and I"m trying not tobecome addicted - I just want one little chick (I didn't call the child a bitch) to LEAVE. (sad that a child can irk me so much)

BLESSD1 said...

Is it just me, or is it that Ann Coulter REALLY DOES look like Skeletor w/o the muscles? LOL