Monday, March 17, 2008

Petty Inconvenience

A while back, Grizzly was at my desk and effed up my WHOLE PROGRAM. He acknowledged his scruffy appearance as a "Grizzly Adams thing" he had going on. What the hell? Of all the damned nerve. How am I going to call this fuzzy bastard Grizzly, when he's calling himself Grizzly? It can't happen. Him using the name just takes the fun out of it. Now, I must suffer the inconvenience of coming up with another name. And if that weren't enough, I have been put on the spot, because I had no intention of changing his name.

So, until I come up with something snappy and fitting, I will refer to him as The Alpaca King.

[One may ponder, "Wh name him at all? Why not live and let live?" The answer: he will invariably work on my nerves, and when he does, I'll have to blog about it. I think it would be far LESS polite to put his "gubment" on my blog, wouldn't it?]


BLESSD1 said...

The Alpaca King? For real?'re nuts! LOL!

Clifton said...

I am submitting the name "Running Gump"

Remember that scene of Forrest Gump after he and Jenny had sex then she left the next morning and he started running across the country? Forrest had one of those grizzly looks. When he gets on your nerves, look at him and in your best Forrest voice say "I just felt like running"

Anonymous said...

I'll go with clifton's suggestion since I didn't have time to study and I have no answer of my own.

Breez said...

I think I will sometimes go with Running Gump now that you mention it. Though I'm not sure I'm exactly comfortable with using human names. I shall take this under advisement.