Thursday, December 30, 2004

Resolving, Renewing and Regenerating

New Year's Resolutions. . .I never touch the stuff. I feel that every moment we have the capability of setting resolves on how we can change our paths if we feel they need alterations. Why should we wait for an old man with curious grooming habits and a baby with curiously missing parents to take our destinies in our hands? With each passing day, experience or encounter, I resolve to not make the mistakes of the past. I guess you could call that my life's resolution or mission statement.
I do reflect on the year gone by and make mental notes on things that I could or should have done differently, but I have resolved not to let it dictate when I should make my changes. If my pants are snug on December 18th, I'm not going to make a pig of myself for the remaining weeks of the year only to assuage my guilt by promising that I'll do better next year. I take this view: If I am on a road trip and a head on collision is imminent, to reason in my mind, "I'm going to hit THIS car, but on my next road trip, I'll definitely be more careful" is foolish. My life is the ultimate road trip.

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