Friday, July 15, 2005

Life's Massage

While hitching a ride on Sweet Kimmie's Train of Thought I noticed that Neena told her to let life massage her, but she didn't quite define what was involved in that. Here are some things that I think of that qualify as my massages of life.

1. Hanging with my girlfriends

I mean just legitimately hanging, sipping wine, listening to music and reminescing - WITHOUT uttering the words "I hate when men ___." I love my sisters, but some of us really need to let the brothers BREAVE! I really began to enjoy being single when every time I hung with I developed a close circle of friends that didn't turn every gathering into a man gab fest.

2. Dancing with my kids

I LOVE to watch my little shorties dance. Ty tries to do all that ticking shit all the kids are doing these days (I sound like my father) and Jae just kind of struts her prissy self around, lol. It's really a lot of fun.

3. Making lemons out of lemonade

It sounds corny and I often live by the creed "When life gives you lemons, squirt as many people in the eye as humanly possible," but sometimess, lemonade is in order. My car has been out of commission for a couple of weeks now, so every morning and evening, while on public transportation, I give myself mental health time. This society is saturated with distractions: Cable, the internet, the telephone, cell phones, video games and iPods have really taken over. We rarely just take a few minutes to quietly collect our thoughts. So for 20 minutes of my bus trip each way, I tune out everything and just think, plan, scheme, whatever. It's actually quite refreshing.

4. Going on a date

This one I don't do very often, but an enjoyable date is priceless, even if it's just a friendship date. Sometimes being in the company of a man is just fun. I don't mean this bed hopping booty call crap that folks call dating these days. I mean just going to dinner, going to a movie, a concert, walking in the park and saying "Good night, I had a great time. I'll call you later." Folks seem to see that as boring these days.

5. Watching a good action movie

The sight of fictitious ass getting whipped does wonders for my soul. My kids are going to my sister's for a week and the FIRST thing I'm doing when they leave is popping "Fists of Fury" in the DVD player.

6. Talking to my sisters

They are beautiful, hilarious, compassionate and strong. Of course, I occasionally want to crack them over the cabezas, but they are the best. No one can replace them.

7. PJ shopping

Once upon a time I had as much night wear as day wear. There's just something about the right pair of pajamas that gets me giddy.

8. Reading

Pick up a book dammit. You just might learn something. I am a fountain of useless trivia because I read. But I'm also have gained a lot of knowledge for that same reason.

9. Chewing the fat with Michelle

I'm not in the habit of making new friends. The ones I've had for years suit me just fine. However, I'm glad I bent that rule, because she's great. We are exactly alike and completely different all at the same time, and we keep each other (in)sane. DIVAS!!

10. Straying from the beaten path

Being a worker drone, a parent and just getting older has made me quite methodical. I tend to do things according to a routine that I don't deviate from. However, it's good to switch up the game every once in a while. Sometimes, I run across new things that turn out to be something I can incorporate into the routine.


BLESSD1 said...

Breezy...I feel you on a lot of things in this post.

point 1)When I hang w/my boyz, I make sure to correct them when they say, "hoez be trippin'", and suggest that "PEOPLE be trippin'" (forgive my country-ness; you know me! LOL!), and try my best to not let it become a female-bashing session.

point 2) NOTHING is funnier than watching my Jay bounce up and down hollaring, "OOOOHHH!!! OOOHHH!!!". I love it

point 3)You KNOW I TRY to make lemonade outta my lemons. I call you when I need to vent, and let you BLESS me w/your wisdom.

point 4) I went out on a date w/a chica that I'm cool with. Nothing special...but we had a great time. All of my male friends acted all shocked when I said told them no....I didn't "get the ass". SOMETIMES just chillin' w/someone of the opposite sex is cool.

point 5) I have to watch Bruce Lee once a week, and imaginate the heads of my sworn enemies in the places of the fellows getting thrashed. Very therapuetic indeed.

Once again, I love your posts. Keep up the good job *patting head*

princessdominique said...

Hey this is my first visit to your blog. I'll be back!

NeenaLove said...


let it massage you! only you COULD define that. i can't define what it means for someone else... ya know what i mean? **giggles**


Danja said...

yeah that girl michelle is cool