Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Chitter chatter

For those of you that find my blog addictive, think that I'm cute, or maybe just too looney to ignore, you can OD on me here. Even though I think 360 is kinda gay, I'm a motormouth and I love to be heard. Ah well.

Yesterday on my 360 blog, I griped about people being increasingly one-dimensional. However, after doing some surfing I believe some people should just stick with what they know. Good grief.

I need to keep a pen and paper in the bathroom. I get some of my best blog ideas in the shower. Unfortunately, by the time I get to work, I either forget about them or the fragments that I do remember aren't nearly as amusing as when I was brain storming. One might argue that indicates the idea wasn't that amusing to begin with. . .Nah, that couldn't be it.

I'm going home this weekend. For the first time actually. First I have to stop in Shreveport to see my grandmother. She's been in the hospital for two weeks and I just found out about it the other day. I'm also going to visit my babies that I haven't seen since October 1!! I miss those bobble-headed creatures.

I'm sure I'm not the only person that thought Richard Pryor was just always going to be around. From what I understand though, MS is excruciatingly painful, so if there's any joy to this, it's that he's not suffering anymore.

What's up with people saying "thongs". As in, "I'm wearing thongs." Okay, here's my thing, if you're broadcasting your underwear, cool. It's whatever. However, if you're wearing more than one, that's a little weird. It's a THONG. If you have that much ass that you require two, well, frankly that's another blog topic altogether. One thong thong.

Remember the days of yore? The good old days when, if you wanted to be a spokesperson, you had to know how to speak? What is this new crack that Proactiv is smoking? Diddy or whatever the hell his ambiguously gay ass is named these days? I'm sitting there like, "Did this muthfucka say 'moisturize my situation', 'preserve my sexy' and, my favorite, 'I jus' ain't want no bumps in my face'??" Wow...heavy. This begs the question, what sexy is he preserving? Ew. If 50 starts pushing Invisalign, cremate me on the spot.

I knew that I was going to miss the drive thru daiquiri spot (wimpy ass Maryland), but I didn't know how much. Not only do they not sell liquor after 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, but in Montgomery county, you need to follow the fucking North Star to find a liquor store. What is this madness? I'm used to stores that say "Beer, Wine & Liquor", not just "Beer & Wine". What's the point of that?

Isn't kissing great? And I don't mean the tongue fucking grope fests that people call kissing these days. I'm talking about real honest to goodness kissing. Where you're vibing with someone and you just sort of fall into them and get that "yeah, this is what it's about" feeling. There are a lot of things in this world that you can fake (or attempt to fake), but a good kiss is not one of them.

Why do people say that they've made a 360 degree turn? Wouldn't that indicate you've gone back to past behavior?

The terms "haters" and "grown and sexy" have officially become overused. Let it go.

I embrace my inner punk. In high school when the other brawds were changing into miniskirts and midriffs, I was changing into ripped jeans and Sex Pistols t-shirts. Piercing my lip and having pink hair was my sole mission in life. (I did the hair, but not the lip. I decided my luscious soup coolers could stand on their own.)

Can I state for the record that I miss New Orleans po'boys...BUT HOT DAMN if Potbelly's don't make a mean sammich.


ExtraFlavory said...

Potbelly's is indeed that piff that also had me considering Chicago. There's on on every corner downtown. I highly reccommend the shakes!

Amadeo said...

I hate the drink situation...if you don't get beer on sat. you're out of luck for the football game. The Beer and Wine thing is stupid to as most of these places equate wine to Thunderbird.