Thursday, December 15, 2005

Revisiting an issue

I enjoy surfing my own blog. I like to make fun of my typos or just generally see where my mind was at that point in time. Of course, I also like to check out my comments as well. Therefore, I don't know how in the world I missed he following comment related to my August 15, 2005 blog post about the Willie Lynch letter:

Breez you should know and understand the comment you made about the "Willie Lynch" letter is exactly what the European-American male want to here. If you read further on in your life, you find that it is the women of color that possess your like minded opinion.

For the most part, more African men were torchered and murdered than African women. The slave owners needed the women to releave them of their sexual desires when their women were pregnant, on their cycles, were waiting to be wed or simply did not want to perform their wifely duties. Or is this something you don't care to read about, remember or even discuss, because either you choose to deny the event or you are one of those women of color who choose and perfer the European man anyway.

Which one is it? Being from New Orleans, it is a known fact the most of those African-Americans are mixed with a little of everything. Am I correct?

Huh? Because I don't believe in a document that no one has ever seen, I'm buck dancing for Mr. Cholly? Stop.

In slavery, was the splintering of the African family, and ultimately the African sense of community, through some of the most heinous means imaginable a tactic used by slave masters? Definitely. But I never once disputed that. What I disputed was the authenticity of this document. I believe that we, as black people, rather than regurgitating everything that comes across us via email, should stop and deal with FACTS. Since the European American man wants me to believe that Willie Lynch is fake, why hasn't the African American man not put it in his museums? Since its "discovery", the document has not been displayed anywhere. I wonder why that is? I will state for the record that if ANYONE can tell me where I can go to actually see the document, I will happily admit that I'm wrong.

However, rather than focusing on the actual issue,
Yvonne (who is seemingly lacking a blog of her own) felt obligated to insult me because she doesn't agree. Okay...we can go there. If you want to believe in the letter, fine. For me, there are far too many verified and documented accounts of slavery to refer to. I maintain that putting so much weight into a fictitious document is not even remotely productive.

As far as your disparaging remarks regarding the racial heritage of many New Orleanians, that merely highlighted how small minded you are. Yes. My grandmother is a Creole woman. My grandfather was a Creole man. My grandmother on my other side identified both with her African and her Native American heritage. So? We are beautiful black people. I can speak for myself and my family in saying that we have ALWAYS identified ourselves as black people. News flash. In this day and age, African-Americans EVERYWHERE are usually mixed with a little bit of everything. Remember that slavery thing you were talking about? Yeah, that's a result of that. Stupidity really isn't a good look for the season.

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Tif said...

I just got here so I will read further before I make an ademate assertation but it is my belief (BA in African American Studies included) that the Willie Lynch letter was a farce. I also despise the "blacker than thou" shit -- it's fuqin 2006 damn near grow up.