Friday, April 29, 2005

I Was Kidding...One is Sort of Magical

No hay nadie mas que yo, uno es el numero magico
En vida y en muerte, uno es todo...comprende
If i multiply 2 times 2 is it really, really 4 me (la 6x)
And if i add 5 to get 9 minus 8 that just leaves me (me 8x)
So many times i define my pride through somebody else's eyes (la da da, la da)
Then i looked inside and found my own stride, i found the lasting love for me
If i'm searching for my spirituality passionately i must begin with me
There's just is the magic number 2x
If i add myself unto myself multiplied times you and yours and you again
There's just me
And if i divide 8 billion, 48 trillion, 98 zillion
There is... there is just meIf i subtract one plus me to the 5th degree, use any theorem
There's just me
There's just is the magic number 2x
Me, me, me, me...(ad lib until end)
One is the Magic # - Jill Scott

I'm sooo digging this (even though I recently joked about the song). So many times, we seek validation through a mate, a child, a career, the things we own without realizing that if we are incomplete as an individual, NO outside force can complete us. If we don't work on our on spirituality, happiness and well being, everything that we offer will be an unfinished product.

If I am a lonely and depressed individual, a relationship will not end that feeling. If I feel unloved or unworthy of love, bringing a child into this world will not change that. If I have a general sense of unhappiness, money will not solve that issue.

Outside forces change like the wind, the person we are, the true core of our being, does not. If we focus on fortifying ourselves for our own well-being, then what we offer our mate, child, career, etc. will already complete, with that outer force merely widening the circle.

Just a thought.

*stumbles over soap box on the way out the door*

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