Monday, June 20, 2005

Here I am

I haven't been blogging much lately because they've been working me like a $2 ho on the corner of Bourbon and Canal on Mardi Gras night. But also because I don't know where to begin with what's going on with me as well as the folks that are closest to me.

My daddy was recently diagnosed with cancer. He truly wants this to be hush hush, so I'm limited in who I can tell about it. I'm pretty sure that it was caught early, but I'm still a little shaken over it. I'm just staying strong in prayer about it. He's all I have in the way of parents man.

Soul Twin is in love and I've acquired a homie/ghetto soul brother. I'm happy for both of them and the family that they are forging. It's truly a beautiful thing. (BTW if you're fed up with the radio mediocrity of these Rin and Tin cats, check out Euphon and watch them redefine what is colloquially referred to as "hot shit.")

My black sheep sister is going through some changes, and I'm not sure what they are. By her age, 22, I was married with my first child, a place and a car. She's still struggling and it's partially because she's hardheaded. I worry about her. I can't live her life for her, but I try to give her as much guidance as I can and pray that she acquires some get up and go.

My other two sisters and my brother in law are doing quite well, which is beautiful. My kids will spend some time with them in July. My sister is working on two years of wedded bliss and I'm infinitely happy for her. She's such a beautiful person. My baby sister is a little diva, but I love her all the same, lol.

My kids are getting grown, and I don't know how to deal with that. My son was getting his six year old flirt on with a 40 year old woman. I ain't ready for this man!! He's been conscious about keeping up with his reading, etc. during the summer, and I'm very happy about that. My baby girl is excited about starting school and she's already determined that she's going to have a slumber party for "her girls" after school starts. She's my little chocolate Powerpuff Girl.

On a personal front with me, I've got a thing or two going on in my life that puts an extra smile on my face, and ain't nothing wrong with that. All I can do is take things day by day. No one can really say what tomorrow will bring anyway, so I don't see the use in obsessing over it. I'm just gon' let it do what it do.

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Danja said...

yeah man just let that shit do what it do

there is always positive and negative

each has its time to shine

focus on your own happiness and growth, and it will be alllll good