Thursday, June 02, 2005

I Got Five On It

As usual, I'm always ready to give unsolicited personal info about myself. So, here goes.

Five Things I Want to Change

1. I procrastinate.
2. I'm suspicious.
3. I suck at financial management.
4. I am a major worry wart.
5. I cuss first and ask questions later.

Five Things I Like About Me

1. I have a thirst for knowledge
2. I'm a good listener
3. I'm willing to admit that I'm wrong and apologize
4. My smile
5. I'm a pretty good parent

Five Things I Would Like in Five Years

1. A good relationship with God.
2. My own home.
3. A healthy relationship.
4. My first book published.
5. To send my father and stepmother on a vacation.

Five Things I Do Not Apologize For

1. Putting my kids first
2. Openly expressing my feelings
3. Immediately excising drama from my life
4. Working hard
5. Going with my instinct

Five Things I Need To Survive

1. God
2. Ty
3. Jae
4. A good book
5. My mother's advice

Five Lessons I've Learned

1. Trust your gut
2. Silence speaks volumes
3. You really are taught all of life's skills in kindergarten
4. Saying no is easier when you are responsible for others
5. When a person makes a statement, then adds "but", whatever follows is how they truly feel.

Five Favorite Books

1. Memoirs of a Geisha
2. Nervous Conditions
3. The Darkest Child
4. Caucasia
5. The Best Kind of Loving

Five Favorite Movies

1. Fists of Fury
2. Malcolm X
3. Love Jones
4. The Last Samurai
5. Hero

Five Favorite Musical Artists

1. Prince
2. Black Star (I can't separate them)
3. Red Hot Chili Peppers
4. Al Greene
5. Gladys Knight

Five Weird Factoids

1. If I don't have ice for my cereal, I don't eat cereal
2. I LOVE cartoons
3. I always drive in the inside lanes on bridges
4. Coordinating underwear is important to me
5. I have a bad giggling habit

Five Places I'd Like to "Make the Beast With Two Backs"

1. That tower that watches Niagra Falls in Canada
2. An elevator
3. A park
4. Navarre Beach
5. The Eiffel Tower

Five Things That Go A Long Way

1. REALLY ask how I'm doing
2. Remember things that I say
3. Be direct but tactful
4. Respect my kids (i.e. my obligations and boundaries as a parent)
5. Tell me when I'm acting like a beyotch

Five Places I want to Visit

1. Senegal
2. Venice
3. Guadalajara
4. Rio de Janeiro
5. Hong Kong

Five Things Going Through My Head Right Now

1. Am I going to be single in my 30's?
2. I should have bought some Cheerios
3. My hair looks an awful mess
4. I have to start walking during my lunch break
5. I need to go to bed

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BLESSD1 said...

Ice for your cereal? Now THAT, my luv, is some COUNTRY NEW ORLEANS ONLY SHIT! LOL! But I love the post otherwise! You know yourself very well, Breeze ;-)