Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Blurt Out Extravaganzza!

Remember the colored shirts with white collars that guys used to wear? (Or maybe men still do that. I don't pay attention.) I watched Office Space this weekend and saw that the evil VP (Lumberg) wore them. I honestly can't think of a man that I have known, that wore that style of shirt regularly, that wasn't inherently evil. The mark of the beast? Maybe.

I also think that men who wear big white framed sunglasses are evil. Those things REALLY look like the type of $3.00 shades my mother would buy for me at the TG&Y (southerners know what I'm talking about) to shut me the hell up. Sorry. They just look dumb to me.

Did yall know that D4L and Dem Franchize Boyz were beefing about who invented "snap" music? Did yall even know that "snap" was a type of music? Maybe the better question is, did yall care? Yeah, didn't think so. I believe that mankind at large can settle this dispute. You both suck badly and equally. And you're both clocked in at 14:30 of your 15 minutes of fame. Hurry up and work on that last "hit" so you can pay the balance on your spinning rims.

I find the number of sisters working out regularly in my gym very encouraging. (I must admit though, I was a little grossed out by the sister that was on the treadmill barefoot. Yuck?) I plan to take pictures of them and paste their faces over the multitude of Caucasian images that are plastered all over the walls. WE WORK OUT TO MUTHAF****!

I'm reading a book by Patricia Hill Collins (Black Sexual Politics: African Americans, Gender, and the New Racism), and it is fairly interesting. I find that she makes valid points, and though her overall message is good, there is something in the tone of her writing (at least up to the point that I have read) that makes her seem a tad bit out of touch with my age group. However, despite that, I still think the book is worth a perusal.

I brought vengeance upon the mosquito that assaulted me. It HAD to be the same one because it was all fat and whatnot. So, though I could have just slapped it, I chose to bludgeon it with the written word of Ms. Collins.

Jay-Z is headlining a (sold out) concert at RCHM and the tickets START at $135. Word? I mean, dude is aight, but he damn sure ain't $135 aight. That joint betta be coming with a happy ending at those prices. Personally, I appreciate that he is good enough by radio standards, however, he really overdoes it with the boasting. His professing to be the greatest is tantamount to me standing in a room full of midgets and saying I'm the tallest. Sure, I'm the tallest. . .in the ROOM. I'm not hating on dude, but I'm really hesitant to throw the "greatest" title around with that great one's entire catalog is like a neverending episode of deja vu.


Amadeo said...

As a man who loves French Cuff shirts...I will never, ever, evereverever wear a colored joint with white cuffs and collars.

Peabo DeBarge said...

^^^what he said^^^


brilliant ! i love it !:-)

BLESSD1 said...

laughing my bulbous man-ass off at the "happy ending" comment. *SMH*