Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Releasing my delf

So on one of my other blogs, I let folks give me a bunch of topic with the promise that I'd blog about them. So, for your reading enjoyment:


So, uh, STO wanted me to blog about hossenfeffer. I said I'd do it so. . .hossenfeffer is essentially rabbit meat. I have discovered that it is also spelled hasenfeffer, which is a sour rabbit. Mmm-mm. Now, since i don't eat anything that could feasibly run across my porch, I really can't blog much about this topic. However, my concern about STO's interest in it could produce and ENDLESS blog. STO? Need a lil therapy hon? Traumatized by a rabbit? Just messing. I don't want him to stab me. He IS violent ya know.

Love and whatnot

Ladies, ladies! The men folk really have ya'll pondering if the grass is greener eh? Well, lean in close, and I'll give you my assessment on Northern men vs. Southern men (though technically, we are still below the M.D. line, I feel where you're coming from). Southern men lie to you. Northern men lie after they've gone to work. As you can see, the end result is the same, ergo, there's really no difference. A little to jaded for the fellas? *sigh* Okay. Not ALL of y'all lie *cough much*. (Yeah, I know we lie too. But yall didn't ask about that, lol. Closed mouths don't get fed.) However, my point, and I do have one, is that for better or worse, men are men. So hold off on buying that plane ticket because "you heard the brothers in *insert random metropolitan area* are the BOMB" because, honey, they're not. As my blogs of late would indicate though, I'm not very optimistic in the romance department, so maybe I'm not the one to ask. I'd be lying if I said I didn't half hope for a little "pick up" in the love department. But fam'ly, can I be honest with you? This has SUCKED.

There are a few differences. The economy is a little better, and there are more college graduates up here, so employed brothers are more common. I can also say that the brothers up around these parts are fairly impressed with themselves. For instance: recently, a brother was eyeballing me, HARD. Understandable, because I had on the spring work finery and whatnot. He was actually a handsome brother, well put together, etc. On a normal day, he would have gotten some play. However, the brother started basically posing and profiling. My people, I shit you not. Dude all but did the Capitan Morgan. I couldn't have talked to him if I wanted to because I was so busy biting the inside of my mouth to keep from laughing. Then there is the plethora of males who talk about what they drive, how much they make, how much they're gonna make, blah, blah, blah, (yes they do talk as much as women when the topic is themselves lol) and never discuss things that actually matter: do you have explosive gas? Will a bitch be waiting to stab me if we walk out the door together? Do you have a hossenfeffer fixation? So though things are different, they're the same, because the brothers down south can be full of some caca as well.

In reference to the BANs (or BABs for the fellas) that calls when they are in some form of "need". We all, at one point or another, have been in a situation where realized that we have been 'bootycalled', 'car repair called', 'i need a ride called' or 'i want to go out and not spend my money called'. Hey, shit happens. However, you're faced with a decision of whether or not you're going to be used, and/or is this person even worth being in your life in ANY capacity. Once you make that determination, all you can do is stick with it. Ain't nothing wrong with call block. Or hell, ain't nothing wrong with answering the phone "don't f*****g call me!" Hell, they ain't paying the bill.

Being both a dumper and a dumpee, my assessment on that is really simple. People dump or get dumped, for one of two reasons: either they don't like each other anymore, or they never really liked one another to begin with. More often than not, either one or both parties are damaged. People that are well adjusted and happy with one another don't dump each other. Yeah, it hurts like hell (BELEEEE me I know it) but more often than not better in the long run. Who wants to be with someone that feels stuck?

Black/white love. I can't say that there's anything wrong with it, but that actually depends on what motivates the involved parties. If two people look beyond the opinions of others for love and happiness, who am I to deny that. There is barely enough time for me to keep tabs on my own happiness. If it floats their boat, sail on. However, I think I do get annoyed with "trophy whitey/trophy darkie." Self hatred is never a good look.


I must say that my job is different here. However, though the South is characterized by it's "country pace", they were working a sisters ass off there. I worked in a litigation small firm, so everything was needed yesterday. I don't have to put in anywhere near the OT that I did at my old firm, and the deadlines that I am given are usually far beyond what I need. I do have one boss that has decided that I am the "fix-it ho" and only is aware of my existence when she needs something. I won't elaborate on this thing, but I will say that everything has it's price. That includes disregarding those that you need most. Other than that, I LOVE my job. A 7 hour workday is a beautiful thing ladies and gentlemen.

The Kids

The two cutest negroes in Los Estados Unidos are coming home in one week and I couldn't be more excited. When I talk to Lil Bit, she always tells me how many days are left before she comes home. Lil Man has decided (and I use that term loose as a hookers Saturday night drawers) that he doesn't want to live in Maryland. Lil Man also has a lil girl that comes to his house every day to play video games. I don't NEEEEED these problems. I'm sure he'll adjust.

Nigga technology and other forms of ignance

Ok, first of all Senor, you know you be sending all of your bitches smiley faces. Bitches love smiley faces. I'm thinking some people don't want to use up all their cell phone minutes and send texts. Some of those same people *cough foxxy cough* caused Mamba to have to up the number of text messages on her plan. I don't have too much issue with texting folks, but you chirpin muthafuckas gotta stop. No, you know what? Imma say it: YOU CHIRPIN NIGGAS (this includes those of the burrito variety) GOTTA STOP. Every time I hear a damn chirp, I can bet my check that it's some ignant colored soul, talking loudly about shit no one else on earth, other than the ignant chirping summamabitch on the other end, wants to hear. What's worse is that they don't HAVE to have that shit on speaker. Newsflash: this does not make you look important. It makes you stupid. Important people have been doing important things all day, therefore, they don't have time to talk about their brother's baby mama. Find something else to occupy your time. I don't care what you do: read a book, work on your citizenship, fall off the face of the planet, whatever! Just wrap that shit UP B!

The Katrina relief funds. Allow me a moment of digression please. Whenever I think about Katrina, it forces me to say "FUCK TEXAS". These fucking Texans make me sick acting like people from N.O. moved into THEIR houses after Katrina. If one more idiot posts that job fair urban legend I'm gonna choke. A few years back, when Houston flooded, my father was among a group of 250 who traveled out there to help people rebuild their homes, etc. Some of those same people are now getting treated like crap in Texas. As Texas is part of the United States of America, that would mean it is a recipient of federal tax dollars; some of which come from Louisiana. Therefore, if you are a Texan that has a problem with the relocated New Orleanians, please slowly fuck yourself with a rusty spur.

Sorry about that. Anyway, regarding the relief funds. Frankly, in my opinion, it was a plan to buy the nigras out of New Orleans. However, as my boy Honeycutt says, "niggaz is a beautiful thing", and where there's money, somebody's gonna smell a hustle. Therefore, the grand plan backfired on them. If they were really concerned with the money being spent wisely, etc. why did they not also offer financial counseling of some sort? They were offering contracting kickbacks to everyone else, they couldn't have hooked up T.D. Waterhouse? A large chunk of those people had never seen that much money in a YEAR, much less in one check. I'm sure there are people that did ignant shit with the money they received. But what are ya gonna do? For every one of them, someone else has gone elsewhere and completely rebuilt their lives with the money they received. Including yours truly. The media keeps bringing that up to reference "the ignant niggas that spent relief money on strippers and spinning rims". Meanwhile, all the other big time kickbacks are ignored. There are hundreds (possibly thousands) of trailers that are, even still, unused, yet contractors have been paid. New Orleans' East and 9th Ward communities are still all but desolate (my old neighborhood REMAINS in utter darkness), cars still litter the streets, yet contractors have been paid. We are 21 days into a new hurricane season, these things are still incomplete, yet contractors have been paid. Let's keep in mind that I haven't even mentioned this waste of a war that the U.S. is involved in. They found two young soldiers tortured and killed just a day or so ago. But they're going to endlessly run the same story about some ignant, probably never had money before, soul that wanted some MOMOs and titties in his face? Get the hell out of here.

Hopefully, my responses have been to your liking. If there is anything you would like me to elaborate on. . .sike, I'm done man. Go to google or something.

. . .and I'm SPENT!

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