Saturday, June 03, 2006

Two tears in a bucket. . .

I'm not sure if i pissed off Oshun, Venus or Aphrodite, but onna dem brawds is MAAAAAD at me. I'm not one for playing out my love life (or lack thereof) on the net in any significant way, and I promise you, today, I'm not gonna start (well, not too much). However, I will say this: being told "oh yeah, I'm dating somebody else" (I could swear I JUST gave to this fund!) as casually as I would tell MCI that I switched to AT&T is a real shitty way to start a rainy Saturday. That's just not what's hot in the streets. What drives me insane, is that I saw it coming. I ALWAYS see it coming. Sooo, maybe I'm supposed to be used to it?

The same old has become too much for me. Particularly when someone goes out of their way to "prove" otherwise. Blah. When do I get my license to just be fed up, tired, and maybe a little angry? Because being nice obviously isn't cutting it.
Imma be straight. It's just gonna take me a minute to get back to my regularly scheduled programming.

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