Friday, June 23, 2006

What's in a dream?

Last night I went to bed with a very heavy heart. Many of the things swirling around in my head came crashing down on me. I subsequently dreamed a dream so significant to everything that has been going on in my life and everything that I have been feeling, I almost feel obligated to share it. It's sort of wacked out, but do you really expect anything else from the mind of Mamba? I thought not.

I was in a room. With this HUGE bitch. With a gun. I didn't know her exact plan for me, but I had a sneaking suspicion things wouldn't end well for yours truly. So I broke out. I kept running until I found this house. I told the owner that someone was chasing me and trying to kill me. Well, evidently she knew the broad, pulled out a meat cleaver, then SHE started chasing me. So I broke again. Upon coming across another safe house, I explained my situation again. This brings the lunatics in hot pursit of the kid count up to 3. Again and again, I keep coming upon these "safe houses", with each situation being either equally or more perilous than the last.

Finally I run into a house and find an attic where a bunch of children are playing. They ask for permission to brush my hair and want to play tea party. Just when I feel comfortable enough to say yes, I hear Psycho Number 1 coming up the stairs, talking to the kids - their relatives. So I dive over this countertop and hide, hoping that she won't see me. Of course, she does and calls out to her cohorts. I see a wrought iron door, so I decide to run for it again. Unfortunately for me, it's locked from the outside, so I start reaching through the door to unlock it, and I hear her scream, "This dumb bitch is gonna to run again. Doesn't she know there's nowhere to go?" I realize that she's right. I don't know what's on the other side of that door. I can either run the risk of adding another person to the chase, or I can go downstairs and face the 6 bitches waiting for me. I started thinking to myself, "I can knock at least one of them hoes out. Two if I hit them with the Mighty Mamba Rabbit Punch Power Mix."

While she's screaming to her folks about how bad they're going to mess over me, I walk past her and go downstairs, with her behind me, still yelling. They're standing in a semi-circile, and I get in front of them, pull off my earrings (because I'm a LAAAADY), throw my set up and say, "Alright bitches, let's rock, because I'm not running another step." And they all just stand there and look at each other, as though they have no idea of what to do. So I just stand there, waiting for one of them to make a move, but it seems like now that I won't back down, their heart is gone.

Then I hear "Juicy" (my cell phone alarm) and wake up.

Now, this dream was significant to me in so many different facets of my life, once I woke up, all I could do was sit down and ponder it's meaning, and determine whether or not I would take it seriously. I think a lot of us have leftover demons that we try to escape, whether it's a jobs, false friends, bad relationships, or finances. What often happens is that we "escape" to a situation that is potentially worse, because we haven't overcome the first hurdle. More times than not, if we take care of and close an issue right off the bat, it's not as bad as we feared.

Just some mental grub for ya.

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Amadeo said...

I believe in dreams for real I used to blog them and write them down and I always discuss them with someone. For real dreams mean enough to me that I stopped participating in a certain activity cause I stopped remembering my dreams.