Friday, January 18, 2008

"Fi Fie Fo Figga" Part Deux!

I'm STILL fired up ya'll!! But I feel that I owe you an explanation why.

In addition to the inaction of our Black "leaders" and "voices," and piss poor job of spin that others have attempted, a young black woman got on the radio a week or so ago, and fixed her ghetto ass mouth to say that Obama should stop trying to run for President and be Clinton's VP. "BITCH is you smokin reefer?!" (c) Kanye West. When they went on to ask her why, she said, "Iono...he just...I" then proceeded to recite some innacurate drivel that shows she was about as politically educated as Jenna Jameson is a virgin.

I am incensed by the fact that we see the biased images in the media day after day, and yet we believe that the media will give Obama a fair shake. I am INCENSED by the fact that Bob Johnson had the absolute gall to try and speak negatively about a brother who is truly trying to effect change. I am incensed by the fact that Al Sharpton seems to have taken a "Well, yall muhfukkas ain't vote for me, I ain't supporting his ass neevah!" THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT CAN NOT HAVE A PERM YA SELF SERVING BASTARD! And what incenses me more than anything? In all of this, who agrees with me? FUCKING OPRAH!! Has the world really come to this? Me and Oprah are on the same page? Get the hell outta here!

As I said yesterday, no matter what you think of her (and for the record, I do not dislike Hillary) she KNOWS this politics shit. Go to Notice anything? No? Not even the curiously absent "Rodham?" It doesn't even appear in her bio, except when referencing her father (though I half expected to read "Hugh Father-In-Law-to-Bill-Clinton"). Additionally, where's the lezzie haircut that she had been sporting before? (Personally, I was glad when she got rid of those hairbands, but that's neither here nor there.) Do you find it a mere coincidence that she started with the Obama attacks almost immediately after she got shut down on her national healthcare joint.

I'm not saying that any old Joe who runs for President should be supported by us just because he has a black face. However, I dare one person to highlight how Obama is "any old Joe." Maybe if Arsenio comes back, he can jump on his show and do some niggerish shit. Maybe folks will like him then.

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BLESSD1 said...

*This is just a repost from the last comments section per Ms. Breez; I AIN'T tryna fight this chick! LOL!*

EXCELLENT POST, Breez! I too have had a hard time understanding why so many black people have had such trouble supporting the first black politician that has been shown to possess integrity, clarity, and a plan in a long time! The Al Sharptons, Jesse Jackson, and Bob Johnsons who aren't supporting him are probably doing so to fulfill their own agendas. Magic Johnson has publicly supported Hillary Clinton, exclaiming that she's the best man (and yes...that was intentional) for the job. What he didn't mentiong, however, was that one of his chief investors, Ron Burkle, is a fanatic Hillary supporter, so it is, of course, in his best fiscal interests to support her publically. I say to you, paraphrasing the immortal negro philosopher, Uncle Ruckus (no relation), "Don't trust them old nikkas over there..." because there is definitely some powerful niggardry going on with them.

P.S. In response to the comment about Magic's mush-mouthed arse, I COMPLETELY agree. An endorsement from him would probably lessen Obama's credibility like one from Al Sharpton might.

Another Conflict Theorist said...
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Another Conflict Theorist said...


I hate to put it this way but Obama's candidacy is helping me draw a line in the sand. Self-serving/hating Negroes on one side and those who recognize the strongest black presidential candidate we've EVER had (sorry Jesse, but I still remember "Hymietown") on the other. Far be it from me to take a page out of Nixon's book but I'm *THIS* close to making my own Enemies List. So far, I've got:

Andrew Young
John Lewis
Charles Rangel
Sheila Jackson Lee
Bob Johnson
Magic (like I'ma follow the political "advice" of the nigga responsible for "The Magic Hour")
Bob Johnson..

..and more to come.