Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Next Level

So it's time to start again. I'm here in Maryland, scared out of my wits. Scared that I'm not making the right decision. Scared that if I don't make this decision, then the decision that I actually make will be equally flawed, if not moreso. I've got about seven interviews scheduled this week, three tomorrow alone. When my plane landed at 12:05 p.m. and the flight attendant said, "Welcome to the City of Baltimore," my stomach dropped. I felt this sickening mixture of excitement and fear and I sort of had to fight the urge to cry. I think the fact that I will be so far from everyone and everything that I've always known is sinking in. My family has become quite supportive, so it's not that pressure.

I know that there is nothing for me in the South. This morning, in the course of bringing me to the airport, my sister was stopped for not signaling a turn and we were basically accused of being prostitutes. My 20 year old sister and I were asked to get out of our car and questioned at 4:15 a.m. by three white police officers. A third car sat and waited while the other officers questioned us. An older policeman spoke with my sister privately and told her that he received a complaint that she was soliciting. What pisses me of the most about this is that my sister is a very spiritual young lady and, in fact, still a virgin. What's silly is the fact that my sister was wearing her dress for her job as a teller at AmSouth. I'm guessing that the wardrobe of a whore varies greatly from that of a bank teller. The youngest officer was left with me and attempted to make conversation with me, I suppose to feel like the good guy. He got no such absolution from me. I did not make any eye contact with him and as much as I wanted to cry, I refused to give any of them the satisfaction. I'm in the process of drafting a letter to the police department in that area. Bitches. That being said, I'm officially done with the South. I'm not saying that white police are much better in other areas, but it is so ridiculously blatant in the South, it's beyond comprehension.

I'm praying that what I'm doing is the right thing. I have faith that things will work out for the best.


Amadeo said...

I get that sick feeling when they announce that you're now in Baltimore...but that usually means I'll be returning to my shitty job soon...good fortune to you.

The Humanity Critic said...

good luck with the interviews, I have your back.

POPS said...

so you probably have at least 5 job offers by now, right?

SP said...

Good luck on your interviews. I'm sure whatever decision you come to will work out for the best.

Sometimes I forget how bad the cops can be. A friend of mine was in a car accident where a tractor trailer knocked her off the road and kept going. The cops had her in hand cuffs in the back of their car until a white woman who saw it told them she was telling the truth. Sad.