Monday, October 03, 2005

To boldly go where no Williams has gone before...

Stuff has been off the meter lately. My life went from being in the proverbial dumps to being uplifted at breakneck speed. Besides the outpouring of help I've received from some beautiful strangers, I managed to land a great job in Washington, DC on the first interview. Let me not front, I was BLESSED with that job. If that weren't enough, I found a place exactly where I wanted to live and it's gorgeous. The school district is quite nice and I'm beginning to realize that I know more people in the area than I thought.

I've shamefully neglected my blog, but I think I get a pass on that. On a funny note, my kids' father asked for full custody. My response was the colloquial "NIGGA WHAT?!?!" Let's review:

My kids have seen him a total of three times in the past year;
He's only called them about six times since July of '04;
As far as his kids are concerned, he has been about as generous with his dime as he has with his time; and,
I can't remember the last time he exhibited any characteristics that are remotely related to stability.

His ass should consider even getting visitation a gift. He placed my kids, on more than one occasion, in a position where they could have been turned over to CPS because he decided not to pick them up on his weekend and not call me to tell me of his sudden change in plans. Right when I was about to click out and get angry, I remembered who I was talking to and was not about to show out and give him a reaction. My children will be in a stable home with their grandparents while I get our home ready for them and he has been told that he may visit the kids there. Afterward, he'll see them during Thanksgiving break if he makes the arrangements.

BUT besides all of that, everything's coming up roses. I'm so thankful for all of the blessings I have received. My kids are excited, my family has come around and they are supportive. Who could ask for more?

The first in my fam to leave the South. Whodda thunk it?


Ddot the King said...

Great blog! I'm glad you received assistance and welcome to D.C. I hope all goes well for you. I moved here from the down south and if I can make it i'm sure you can!

Brother OMi said...

ish is mad real... como no?
congrats on the jobby job.

man, i was just listening to Little Brother's "all for you"


BLESSD1 said...

Hey beautiful breezy! Just droppin you a line. I love that everything is working its way out for you. Given enough time, the universe always figures out a way to take care of itself. Keep being the beautiful person you are, and your cup will continue to run over

Breez said...

Uh, blessd, if my phone don't ring, my fist is gonna runneth over to the ATL!! lol!! Luv ya sweets!!

Amadeo said...

Good Deal. Lot's of haps in the DC Metro too. Glad it's going well.