Monday, October 24, 2005

Is this what the news has come to?

Cam'ron was shot this weekend. Does anybody really give a shit? Now, I value human life as much as the next man, but I'm really hoping that this will not be another episode of a sub-par rapper using this to boost his so-called street credibility. Coincidentally, he was shot near one of the clubs I considered visiting. (I nursed a sinus headache the greater part of this weekend.) To be frank...I just don't like dude. I don't mean the person, because I don't know him, but rather his persona. So when he swaggered to his press conference like ghetto Superman, I couldn't stop my self from screaming, "YOU GOT SHOT IN THE ARMS DRIVING AWAY BITCH!" Dude was lucky, plain and simple. Just like he got popped on the arms, it could have been through the skull. And behind what? A Lamborghini that he probably doesn't fully own yet. I'm thinking the police should look at his grandmother first. I mean, she's got to be tired of him wearing her church earrings. (WTF are those things? Clip-ons?!)

Janet Jackson's secret daughter has been revealed. I remember back in the day asking folks, "Whatever happened to Janet's daughter," only to receive the WTF look. So, her older sister Rebbie has been raising her. I'm thinking the kid got a good deal. Don't get me wrong, I like Janet as an entertainer. No, she doesn't have the most spectacular voice (or even a good one), but I think she puts on a great show and looks DAMN good for 40. But she's always come off to me as the type of person that needs help tying her shoes. Letting gay ass Justin Timberlake flash her boob during family time didn't say much for her judgment either. A lot of folks are saying "How could she deny her own kid?" However, I'm visualizing the kid at age 9 holding the Jackson clan at gunpoint saying, "Don't you tell anybody that crazy bitch is my mama." She's a Jackson AND a DeBarge. That's just fucked up.

Both of these stories get the big WHO CARES?? I heard about Grandma Earrings and Daughter of Rain Woman no less than four times since yesterday. Sheesh...give it a rest already.

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