Wednesday, October 12, 2005


To have a personal belief that someone is a dog is one thing. To have documented proof is a horse of a completely different color. Have you ever known someone to commit an act so deplorable, that you are embarrassed for them? I thought that I was really at a point in my life where this person couldn't shock me. I was wrong. Right now, all I can feel is disappointment and disbelief. The action that I am required to take is most undeniably going to place me in the roll of the bad guy, but I can't even worry about that right now.

I guess I'm growing up because at one point, I would have been a raving lunatic, shooting off at the mouth to anyone that would listen. But right now, I'm just seething at the nerve some folks seem to have. I'd had suspicions about this person's actions, but I kept my feelings under wraps until I had proof. Beneath the surface, I'm mad as Orrin Hatch at a Farrakhan speech.

What pisses me off more than anything is that I'm not the one that was stabbed in the back: my children were. So the gloves are officially off ladies and gentlemen.

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Amadeo said...

Humanity Critic throat chop...that's all I'll say.