Monday, October 24, 2005

Things you should know before coming to my door

People of earth: Don't send ya bad ass kids to my house for Halloween. I'll be damned if I'm buying candy for a bunch of random kids I don't know. You may also want to warn them that there is a crazy ass brawd in Glenmont that will not hesitate to fuck a kid up for trying any shit on my castle, then call the police on their monkey asses. It baffles me that we spend all this time telling our kids not to accept things from strangers, then we send them to the strangers' houses? Buy your own damn kids candy and then get them to read a book. Halloween falls on a school night if you haven't heard.

DirecTV, Comcast and anyone else that sends representatives to my home: Tell your people not to come to my house looking like thug life. Two of your folks almost got straight stabbed Saturday afternoon. I'm not going to pretend like I'm a toughie and dudes wouldn't have "got" me. But CSI would have had a field day collecing the massive amounts of DNA that they would have left behind. These dudes looked like they were going on a drug run. Then, the bastards couldn't even provide me with servies because of a big ass tree that's in front of my place. Technology, schmecnology. So now I've got to wait yet ANOTHER week before I get real TV in my house. Can anybody recommend some good books?

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Amadeo said...

Service people suck, regardless...except for that guy from B.G.&E. who told me not to use them and then called in and said I wasn't home and he didn't do the service.