Sunday, January 15, 2006

Beware the monologuing vagina

In a time where we are overrun by buzz words, catch phrases and "must see TV", nothing bothered me more than "The Vagina Monologues". Don't misunderstand, I harbor no vaginal phobias, though my speaking against TVM might prompt some hardcore feminists to disagree. I just find the title dumb. It bugs me, and so I'll blog about it.

I suppose if I were to define myself, it could be as a feminist of sorts. I think that Eve Ensler's "VDay" crusade is very admirable. History is littered with stories of a culture or community being violated and disregarded: Hebrews (and She-brews, LMFAO!!! Sorry folks, Family Guy fans know what I'm talking about), African/Black or gay/lesbian. However, nothing has been more constant and cross-cultured than violence against women. Her taking action and raising awareness is spectacular.

That being said, I'm not vibing with "The Vagina Monologues." Now, I grew up in a home where sexuality was by no means a taboo subject, and I'm quite grateful to my parents for that. Sure, I found saying "vagina" to be a liberating experience - when I was three and thought it was a cool word. By the time I got a little older, it was no big deal.

It's not that I am so naive as to believe that there are not women who are in need of self-empowerment in all aspects of life, including - and sometimes especially - related to their sexuality. Yet while the "enlightened" are purchasing tickets, or better still, on stage, the woman in need of liberation is stuck in her one room crap apartment in Podunk, USA nodding her head in agreement with her husband as he scoffs about "that cooter show." That is, IF they've heard of the show at all.

Those gifted with the term "vagina warriors" are extra special to me. I'm sorry, what? What kind of bored, upper-class housewife shit is that? (I wonder what those people would think of a man that labeled himself a "penis pugilist"? Hmmm...) Things like this cause me to opine that people use this cause, this awareness, more as a forum for posturing than anything else. TVM is just another rung in the ladder of the Oprahfication of feminism and femininity.

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Amadeo said...

Bottom of the Ocean on that one...LMAO @ Penis Pugilist and that cooter show...I used to tell people I was the Single man's Champion Championing the rights of single men on seemed to care much.