Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hip Hop Heaven

First of all, I have been in concert HEAVEN!!! Little Brother was the opening act for Fort Minor at Nations last Friday. I think Ris and I were among the few there just to see LB. I was pleasantly surprised by Fort Minor, but they were quite frankly, unnecessary in my opinion. LB exuded such energy that even those obviously just there to see the main attraction had to give it up for them. Thought it's doubtful that I would go to another concert at that venue, I consider my $20 MORE than well spent. I truly can't wait to see them again.

That being said: WU TANG CLAN AIN'T NUTTIN TO FUCK WIT'!! I found out about this concert only minutes before I left for the LB concert and I was on the computer having tickets Fed Ex'ed to me. That shit was EXPLOSIVE. You ever got high from a beat? I've partaken of the stickiest of the icky in my day, but nothing beats that feeling. I think I'm more partial to this concert because not only is the 9:30 Club a great venue, but I was only feet away from the stage. I mean, "only feet" in the sense that eye contact was made with my baby's fathers Meth AND RZA. Whew Lawd. I swear I jumped and shouted so much I'm convinced that counts as a workout. By the time they got to "Triumph" I was so beyond amped, I was ready to kick somebody. I was in a frenzy when they did a tribute version of "Oh Baby I Like it Raw". Performances like that are why I live for GA concerts. A huge crowd all there to just vibe with the music. That's that shit.

I am by no means a bitch about my personal space, particularly at venues like that, but I feel the need to share some things. For the record, I know the difference between a bump and an ass grab, so I was completely justified throwing a bow to the ribs of the white boy that was all up on me. You into fat black chicks? There are websites for that bitch. Get on with that.

And speaking of white folks. They LOVE them some Wu. Damn! I understand good music is good music and it defies race, creed, or personal experience. However, attending a Wu Tang concert does NOT give you hood points. Pushing me out the way so that you can make my spot your spot is NOT the way. Ask the brawd that did that last night. She got popped in the head the ENTIRE concert. I also physically moved some 6 foot brother out my way. It was actually kind of funny. It wasn't an agressive shove. You know how your mom moves you when she wants you to get out of her way in the kitchen? Yeah, one of those. I think that's why it sort of caught him off guard. Of course I got the "I know this short bitch didn't just move me", but I really don't give a damn. I take my entertainment seriously. If you wanted to be in the front, you should have gotten there earlier. Breez ain't nuttin to fuck wit' either.

By the end, I was so hype, I straight up told this chick to move out of my way. Then, when leaving, a few more guys of the caucasian persuasion were blocking my way. To my credit, I did audibly say excuse me, and got the Caucasian version of the Ice Grill. (Think Zoolander meets Marky Mark.) Yeah, they got pushed. Don't let Wu Tang concerts gas you homie. When I feel like it's time to leave, it's time to LEAVE, and woe be unto you if you stand in my way. Your white boy angst was about to get you straight rabbit punched.

But with those small incidences aside, that was the best time I've had in a VERY long time. Combine that with a superb partner in crime and the bartender hooking me up with a Bombay Sapphire and OJ that made me wonder if he thought I was going home with him, and that makes for a hell of a Monday night.


Amadeo said...

I missed the Wu joint...man I keep forgetting to get up to D.C.

Breez said...

If this isn't adding insult to injury, I believe they were in B-more Sunday night at Sonar.

BLESSD1 said...

You are SUCH an ass! "Your white boy angst was about to get you straight rabbit punched." Breez...do you even KNOW that the shit that you write is classic? Man...I REALLY feel the "Tiy ever got high from a beat?" comment; I was listening to LB last night, and I'm in love w/"Lovin It". That beat right there...WHEW!!! It makes even us amatuer emcees feel fearless! I love the post. Keep doing what you do.


Mrs A. said...

LMAO...good post!