Monday, February 13, 2006


"Imagine seeing him all the time,
Holding another hand.
She’s starin’ me down,
So I figure that he told her who I am.
But it don’t matter either way,
What they do or say cause aint nothin’ changed.
He’s standing with her,
but his soul is calling out my name.In my mind,
I’ll always be his lady.
n my mind,
I’ll always be his girl."

"In My Mind" by Heather Headley

Ok...I love her voice. Therefore, when I saw that she had a new song out, I merely listened to it and didn't give it another thought. However, I feel the need to reach out to Heather and give her some sisterly advice. Heather, THAT'S STALKING BABY! Something has changed chick. Your relationship is now non-existent. Let it GO. What the hell is going on "in HER mind"? I believe health care providers have a term for things only YOU can hear. They're called psychotic delusions. Hearing voices from people's souls is not a good thing Heather. Not even in a song.

His woman, more likely than not, was staring her down because she was worried about not wearing her running shoes that day. Stalkers are quite unpredictable. I think we've all known a woman that decided that the relationship just wasn't over. And they'd mow down anyone that thought it was. Poor girl was probably scared for her life.

She was lurking behind trees at dude's moms' house and whatnot. Am I the ONLY person that found that as an object of concern. His mom didn't really want her to call dude. She was just thinking, "Let me tell this crazy brawd something to get her off my doorstep before she kidnaps my ass. Hiding behind trees and shit. I told him about getting with those crazy hoes."

To all of you that are in a relationship with a woman that finds this song romantic, please understand that this person is to be FEARED. She is scarier than Freddie Kruger. She is scarier than Jason. Yes, she is even scarier than *gulp* Oprah. I don't normally advocate violence against women, but you might want to purchase some wooden stakes and silver bullets just in case.


Kewi said...

I love this CD, I burned it for all my friends for Valentine's Day.. Awesome!!!! speaks the truth on so many levels.. I love number 11... Good day and God bless

BLESSD1 said...

ROTFLMFAO @ " might want to purchase some wooden stakes and silver bullets just in case." Girl...where do you come up w/this isht?