Tuesday, August 23, 2005


When something reveals itself as too good to be true, our gut reaction is to just use the old addage and imply that some type of deception took place. For some reason, we refuse to face the fact that we didn't look at it properly in the first place. We take things and people and events and places and we put them in these guilded cages and tell ourselves how perfect they are. We don't accept responsibility for our own presumption - no one told us these things, people, events or places would be perfect. But once we are let down, we blame everyone imaginable, except for the person most at fault. Ain't that something?


ExtraFlavory said...


I always say that when people tell you who they are, you should listen. Rose colored glasses are a bitch and a half!

Chele said...

It's the rule of thumb. Pass the buck, the blame and the guilt.