Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Just running my mouth

If your email has a name like "num1dyckryder", "cuminside", "likuallover", etc., please do not have "I do all things through Christ who strengthens me" as your sig. I'm not saying I'm as tight with the Lawd as I should be, but I feel safe in saying, he wants no part of that. Chill out.

When you call in to work, your coworkers don't want to hear the details of your GI issues, so please keep the details to a minimum. It will only enhance the ridicule factor.

Those that use their cell phones in public bathrooms, take note: if you use the stall adjacent to mine, you will get embarrassed. Please believe that.

I spent the weekend in Mississippi on the Coast. While passing a couple of white guys in Edgwater mall, I heard one say to the other in reference to me, "That right there is a badunkadunk." I turned my head in partial disbelief only to see Cleatus the Slack Jawed Yokel grinning at me like he had a snoballs chance in hell to even have me fart in his general direction. Verrrrry distressing.

As a woman living alone with two children, I do NOT answer my door if I am not expecting anyone. Yes, I know, the Publisher's Clearing House people will never get me in my home, but neither will the thugs. Far too many sex offenders pop up when I search my zip code. People know this, so why folks insist on popping up at my crib unannounced is beyond me. I have no qualms with listening to unannounced visitors get robbed through my door.

Madden 2006 is out and I will be copping it. However, let me state this for the record: YOU ARE NOT PLAYING REAL FOOTBALL. Let it go.

Why do folks feel that pregnant women are public domain? Her carrying life does not give you the right to touch her, give her unwanted wives' tale advice, or say dumb shit like "Damn you gettin' big!" or "Ooooh you just look miserable." It makes you seem stupid and annoying.

The next man that says to me, "Why you got that look on your face? Smile!" is straight up getting stabbed as I scream, "MAYBE I AIN'T GOT NOTHING TO SMILE ABOUT TODAY BEYOTCH!!" Who made up a rule that I have to smile 24/7? I know I didn't sign off on that. Sometimes I'm just thinking. Can a sister be pensive? Damn!

Whenever I walk into a room full of stuffy folks, I always have to fight the urge to say "Oh my God! What in the world is that smell?!?" Then cast a knowing/accusing stare towards whomever appears the snottiest.

I have discovered that people with the raunchiest breath hardly ever want gum. There is barely one inch between one's mouth and nose, so I refuse to believe folks can't smell the tartness.

For those of you that don't know, let me tell you this: PMS is a motherfucker. If you think it's an imaginary affliction, mess with a sister during one of her "days". . . you'll be telling your story from a hospital bed.

From this moment on, I refuse to get into any group discussions/debates related to child support. I always end up with a headache.

The older I get, the more I realize that things are going to be what they are. This isn't to say that I have no control over my life, but sweating things I can't control is only making me crazy. I'm just going to take it easy.

I'm poor, so when someone finds some gay porn with Bush or Rumsfeld or somebody, help a sister out.

I'm way too emotional for my own good and often feel like a kook afterward.

I'm losing my faith in humanity at a steadily increasing rate.

My children want to go to Disneyworld. Disneyworld is gonna cost about $3500.00 on a budget. There may be some disappointed folks this year.

I've gotta cut back on the java. I have been far too jittery lately.

I'm finding that more and more women are accepting of "man sharing". That is some of the most twisted shit ever to me. I've actually had a dude that was married approach me on some bull and even had his wife (if that's really who she was) call me to tell me that she knew the score and did her own thing so she didn't mind. What kind of shit is that? Heathens I tell ya!!! DIRTY HEATHENS!!!

I don't mind when folks disagree with me. Actually, I love hearing opposing points of view and listening to people explain those views. It doesn't have to necessarily be eloquent or wordy, but to have a solid argument...that's the shit right there. However, to argue with me for the sake of arguing, or because you've got your ass on your shoulders, you don't like the way I express myself or because you simply haven't listened to what I said, well that's just annoying, and maybe a little silly.

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BLESSD1 said...

Man...I can't argue w/you on most of that shit. I still trip offa da chicks w/names including "69" that talk about their church and have crosses or "praying hands" all over their pages! LOL! LMBAO at Cletus referring to your badunkadunk. Still...I've seen it, and I must admit, "...even white boys gots to shout BABY GOT BACK"!!! LOL! I know you'll maim and kill me for that one, but I couldn't pass it up. And just to confirm your beliefs, ARE a kook...but I love you anyway. Again, excellent post!

Amadeo said...

In addition to the email thing...don't have the thong shot and then under that the pictue of your kid(s)...if you wouldn't take a picture of their faces and your ass don't put them near each other on the web.