Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sometimes it's best to find a corner and sit there...very quietly

And 50 Cent is one who would do well to heed this advice. Regarding Kanye West's comments during the Hurricane Katrina telethon, a recent news article quoted 50 as saying, "I think people responded to it the best way they can," 50 told "What Kanye West was saying, I don't know where that came from." 50 Cent doesn't know something...color me unsurprised. Not only is he a shitty "artist," but he can now add "political moron" to his resume.

He then went on to say, "I feel like Kanye West is successful because of me. After 50 Cent, (hip-hop fans) was looking for something non-confrontational, and they went after first thing that came along. That was Kanye West, and his record took off." No Mr. Jackson. After 50 Cent, hip hop fans were gasping for someone that didn't suck elephant ass. Don't confuse the two. I guess he's talking shit to ensure that the children of the good white folks of the world go to see his semi-mediocre movie.

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Amadeo said...

When is someone goint to just slap 50 cent. DAMN. I wish white kids would get over him so he could fade away.