Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Why I don't think that Yahoo 360 is real blogging

I guess there's no logical reason for me to feel that way. I just do. I admittedly blog on 360 to amuse myself as well as my friends, but I get no real satisfaction from it. Probably because I have a very low opinion of Yahoo as a whole. In my opinion, it is but a hair's breadth away from Sodom and Gomorrah. You can barely hold a civilized conversation for 3 minutes without some unnecessarily personal sexual inquiry popping up. Then when the person is checked on it, some weak shit like, "My bad shawty, I was jus' trynna get to know you better" is regurgitated onto the screen. No you're not Filthy McNasty...you're trying to get some ass. Some EMAILED ass. They're doing it, because it's worked for them before. Unfortunately for them, I have SERIOUS reservations about dudes that are attracted to women that are willing to email their coochies.

It has also come to my attention that telling a woman that she is smart has the same effect as shiny objects had on that crow from "The Secret of NIMH." This is viewed as the ultimate panty dropper. Unfortunately, my parents and friends have done a GREAT job of encouraging me to educate myself, so mentioning my intelligence is not an automatic "win". As a matter of fact, I'm INTELLIGENT enough to peep the technique and recognize that you're on some bull and keep stepping.

I know all of this sounds bitter and arrogant, but fuck it...color me disillusioned. Have men and women become so disrespectful of each other and themselves that THIS is what dating and the like has come to? I have seen more women justifying doggish behavior because "a man is gonna be a man." Whose man? I've seen more women throwing themselves at men simply because they are able to string a seven word sentence together. I've seen more men fall "in love" with woman after woman that they barely even know. I've seen more men publicly humiliate women that gave them far more time than they were worth, only to sing their "woe is me" blogs on Yahoo. What IS that shit about? Maybe I'm just surly and contentious, but it seems like some bull to me.

**WARNING: The above was an unstructured impromptu rant, meant only to allow the writer to get something off her chest.

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Risalishuz said...

wow... tell us how you REALLY feel lol
i have to agree with you though.