Saturday, September 13, 2008

House, Home, Mojo and Other Stuff

Finge turns ten this year. My grocery bill has doubled from what it was last year. What is scary to me is that he's eating more and getting skinnier. He has an uncle that is 6'4 give or take. Jesus, take the wheel. In addition to that, Ladybug has decided to actually have a growth spurt. I am so not ready for puberty.

I go to the salon once a year. There is something to be said for not using heat products on hair. No blow drying. Nothing. During this year's visit, there was a miscommunication, and my hair was flat ironed. No bigs. It was a sort of fun change. HOWEVER, my hair has not fully changed back. My fro is the essence of my mojo. Remember the Living Single episode when Regine got the breast reduction? that's how I feel right now. Now I just look like I'm letting my SOOOOOOOOOUUUULLLLL GLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! It's sort of curly spirally. I take things like that as a sign for necessary change.

My writing has been progressing quite well. I'm so thankful for that. It has really helped me refocus. Good stuff.

I need to get Bubble detailed and get the oil changed. Having a car is like having a third kid. My kids want a dog. That's a fourth. Does it ever end?

Sunday at noon BABY! The Saints meet the Foreskins!!!! Reggie better have his act together!! I got a whole dollar riding on this one!

Leaving Maryland is still heavy on my mind. Still haven't decided 100%, but I officially have no family on the East Coast. My cousin in Florida is heading west to New Mexico. I like the autonomy that being away from home affords me. Sometimes though, I wanna go where everybody knows my name...I would at least like to be able to drive there periodically.

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BLESSD1 said...

yeah...I can't wait for Reggie to get it on vs. the "foreskins" too! LOL! Let's hope that Deuce is feeling good enough to play increases the chances of Reggie getting his shine on. I hope your lil man is blessed with height; I wasn't :-( And as I sit here and picture you with curly spirals, I think it might be a good look for the Breez! Excelsior!