Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trouble Sleeping

Nancy Grace - have we figured out why she exists? Seriously. Even her delivery seems like schtick. What's more disturbing is, who watches this? Is she like porn? A multibillion dollar industry that NO one used to admit to owning. As an aside, I can say that porn isn't making money off ME. I've purchased it...downloaded porn is SO much better. I'm not sure if it's the added thrill of getting it for free, but boy oh boy.

The fact that the double cheeseburger is a dollar is absolutely criminal. No joke, they want poor, and shit, middle income people, to DIE. Just DIE. Lettuce and half an ounce of chicken is $5.00. A third of a pound of beef and cheese is a dollar. Off balance much. I won't even get into the testicles and livers and shit that I believe they use to make sausage. As stressful as it is though, I promise that eating healthy now will save you in the long run. I am by no means the picture of health, but I'm sure I would be a thousand times worse had my parents not instilled in me the importance of a solid diet.

Bruce Jenner? What happened to you? I mean, you were an Olympian and...nevermind. Just...*shudder*.

Speaking of blasts from the past, since I am awake at 4 am, I'm watching "Sanford and Son." I forgot Jane Hathaway from The Beverly HIllbillies was on it. Why do I care? It's four in the morning...don't sweat me.

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BLESSD1 said...

DCBs from McDonald's are THAT CRACK!!! I'd get a filet-o-fish meal, I'd get a DCB like it was a side dish. No wonder I've lost my girlish figure...