Friday, March 11, 2005

Information Age? Yeah...right.

This morning, a judge and two other individuals were killed in a
courtroom. This is a very tragic event that has been all over the
news. My prayers are with their families.

However, this morning, ELEVEN members of a New Orleans family were
killed in a fire. I'm attaching the link that tells the story.

Though this information was on the first page of the local paper, I
haven't seen it anywhere else? Why? Because eleven broke ass niggas
don't rank in the media. They don't now...and they haven't ever. Now,
were this a story about the father coming in and shooting his eleven
family members to death, CNN, FOX News, AP and Reuters would have
broken their necks to ensure this tale be broadcast far and wide.

In all honesty, this is nothing more than what I expected from the
media, but somewhere, in a hope beyond hope, I'd like to think that 11
black lives would register on the national radar, even if it's only
for a day. Maybe I'm pissed because Jon Benet Ramsey is still in the
media spotlight and most of America will never know that nine year old
Stephanie Wilson existed.

We can go all around the mulberry bush regarding the bad judgment in
having that number of people in a small house and the complete
stupidity that caused the tragedy. However, in the end, eleven human
lives were lost. Four children will not be in school today. Three
children will never even know what school looks like. We will NEVER
know what six month old Hyron could have become. Saturday, March 5
will be marked as the last time Sylvain Johnson ever bought candy for
his children. Ireone has lost everyone, save her own child. The salt
on this gaping wound is that, not only does the national media not
care, but it's obviously under the belief that the majority of America
doesn't either.

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