Friday, March 18, 2005

Monday's Child is Full of Grace

She is the embodiment of joy. She loves ponies, princesses and dolls. Sometimes I go in the room just to watch her sleep; or ask her a question just to hear her speak. The funny thing is, I didn't even want a daughter. The birth and upbringing of my son went so swimmingly, I couldn't wait to bring another boy into this world. Sneakers and basketballs all the way. Ribbons were NOWHERE in the vision.

When the doctor told me I was having a girl, I smiled and was grateful that I was blessed with yet another healthy baby, but a smidge disappointed. I grew up with three sisters, so I'd had my fill of dealing with the additional estrogen. The thought of the mega-fro that I knew I would have to comb was enough to bring tears to my eyes.

On Monday, March 5, my little Jaedyn entered the world. Her personality was evident from day one. Jaedyn was also delivered by C-section. (There are folks that argue that C-sections aren't really "having" the baby. My ass extends an invitation to their lips.) I remembered being on the table when I had Ty, there was this enormous amount of pressure, then out popped the baby. Not so with the diva. I felt this enormous amount of pressure, then it it stopped. Then I felt another enormous amount of pressure, then it stopped. After the third time, I had to ask what happened and they all laughed. "I'm sorry Mrs. ___, but she keeps curling back in." They eventually suctioned her out (literally) and showed me a carbon copy of Tyson. She was tinier and had a somewhat softer look, but they were definitetly brother and sister.

However, I faced the challenge of making the ladybug welcome, without upsetting the little person who up until that point, was the sole owner of my heart. So I made her his baby. I made sure that he was a part of everything that needed to be done for her. That way, rather than her taking over, she was fitting in.

She was the best baby I've ever encountered in all of my days. She slept at night, she was easy to console and she was extremely quiet. Once while I was taking a nap, her dad told me that he was going out and taking the kids. I took that as an opportunity to do some grocery shopping, so I hopped in the shower, got dressed and headed out the door. As I put my key in the door, I realized that her dad left without taking her car seat, so I went back in the house to call him, find out where he was and bring him the car seat. There Jae was in the seat, playing with the buckle on her seat, quiet as a mouse.

Of course, that lasted until she was about a year. She turned into the most hellacious child I've ever encountered in all of my days. She's a princess, she's a diva, she's a mommy to her dolls and she's a complete sweetheart - most of the time. I joke about renting her out to folks with self-esteem issues. By the time she finishes telling you how beautiful and sweet and nice you are, you CAN'T be depressed.

Her eyes are her most striking feature. It's not their copper-brown hue or large almond shape that grabs you - it's the life that is in them. She does everything passionately. She's not afraid, she's "so TOTALLY scared." She doesn't think you look good, you look "super gorgeous." She's not angry with you, she'll "never be your friend forever n'ever."

She has most of the people in her life hypnotized: my dad, her dad's parents, her brother, my sisters. It's hilarious to me, but I guess that's all a part of the fabulous life of a princess.


Danja said...

gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme

i want one!! lol

awww that was so beautiful

im kinda mad at jailbird forgetting his own child though... but thats another story


miss24&counting said...

awww that really makes me want another one.....whew..that moment passed!!! lol
seriously that was so sweet